This is THE ULTIMATE Business Strategy workshop
(as named by one of our attendees!)

Where business owners and entrepreneurs take one day out of working IN their business to work ON their business.
Let's just STOP for a moment, RESET then Accelerate. Are you building the right business? Are you building it in the right way? Are you building a business to be proud of, one that gives you choice and one that you could exit if you choose too?
What do all these questions even mean and what strategies need to be implemented to make building the right business, in the right way a reality?
Before we go into that, allow me to introduce myself.
I’m Deri Llewellyn Davies and I learnt business the hard way. As the son of a failed entrepreneur, I wasn’t destined for a life of entrepreneurship, as I was always encouraged to get a safe job. Thankfully I’m driven, dont like to follow the crowd and a little stubborn, so I chose to ignore that advice. 
What I discovered on this entrepreneurial journey shocked me. As I built my own businesses, (I've now had 20) I discovered that some that were financially successful made me miserable. What I had been taught that was SUCCESS in business, left me feeling empty.
Equally I have run companies which were a total joy and yet they may as well have been classed as a charity or a hobby. And this joy was ultimately eroded as I ended up doing everything and with little financial reward.
But I didn’t have the answer…. just the questions.
As my career evolved and I began mentoring businesses (in those days its was called being a 'non exec director') as well as running my own, the clues began to emerge. Only after running 12 businesses of my own (screwing a number of them up) and advising over a hundred, did I start to see the common threads.
It was always the same things.
It was always the same strategies missing, and yet it was the strategies nobody was teaching.
How could that be? I was mad, and started seeking the education I so needed.
Since that day I have spent several hundred thousand pounds on my own professional and personal development, circa £250k, yet I still couldn’t find the education I desired, not all in one place. So screw it, as an entrepreneur I decided to bring to the world what I so wanted myself, and Business Growth International was born, along with the Business Growth Mastery series.
I also wanted to simplify the foundations of business, demystify strategy and empower the entrepreneurs so they can embed the skills themselves, using a common methodology and "Strategy on a Page" was born.
And that’s what we stand for!

Everything you see whether it is digital content or live events, is here to educate and empower the business owner to take back control of their business and their life, to live a life of NO REGRETS and build a business of NO REGRETS
That’s what BUSINESS ACCELERATOR is all about.
But be warned…
This WORKSHOP is hands on.
We unravel the very reason why people get into business (be it passion, having more time, more money, freedom, less stress etc.) and WHY this can become a poisoned chalice.

So believe me when I say: attending this workshop is going to be anything but comfortable!
Then we will show you the way out, we pin point your killer strategies, look at what’s holding you back, what’s stalling you, what’s stopping you hitting the levels of success you know you deserve.
The great news is…
STRATEGY doesn’t have to complicated, and we will demystify it for you in front of your eyes.
This WORKSHOP will change your business and change your life.
That’s a BIG claim I know, but we guarantee it.
So you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Give me ONE day and I will show you how to get your life back, by building a business to be truly Proud of.
CORE Topics of the day.

Firstly lets INSPIRE you to build the right business
Then we demystify STRATEGY for you, and in doing so EMPOWER you to take back control of the growth of your business.
We will also show you EXACTLY what current strategies are holding you back, what’s blocking growth and scale, and trapping you.

Hence we ENABLE you to Accelerate. 
We cover the FULL SPECTRUM of strategy, and why it’s critical to have all five working all the time.
Marketing: What is the TRUE essence of marketing what should the output really be and why business owners are missing one key measurable in this killer strategy.
Sales: The ONLY strategy which will give you scale and yet the most difficult to replicate. And the one key focus which most businesses don’t have.
Operations: SCALE lies here, and yet most business owner fail to put systems in at the right time and break as a result. What are the four critical systems to scale.
Cash: The biggest killer of all strategies and the one most business owner don’t truly understand and why most entrepreneurs DON’T have cash flow as they are missing one critical tool.
Talent: The strategy that rules them all and yet the one most businesses don’t have, enough said.
Having worked with over 300 businesses at board level, and thousands of small businesses, I have noticed that most business owners are doing too much (sometimes they do everything in their business). 
So the First major topic we need to cover is TALENT.
This is because most business owners don’t know who they TRULY need in their team. Many just have the wrong people in the wrong roles. Few business owners know how to recruit, retain & reward top talent in the new world.
So we MAJOR on talent in the workshop. If you dont have any one in your team or just a few virtual people supporting, then this is for you too, talent is the trap for most business owners. 
The second topic is cash.  Most businesses are cash poor.  This is because the owner doesn’t like doing the numbers & therefore cash flow & budgets are often non-existent.  Even when growth kicks in, cash becomes tighter and business owners lack spare capital to drive growth. Investment is key at this phase, so we MAJOR on cash and investment too.
Through these two themes alone you will be INSPIRED to build the business you always wanted and leave with FULL CLARITY of what you need to do.
Finally back IN CONTROL of your growth.
These are just two of the core themes of a packed day.


By the end of the event you’ll have discovered:

Your CORE strategic ASSET, so you know what you are best at, and where your VALUE truly lies.
Your 5 areas of purpose, so that you are confident that you’re building the RIGHT business for you and your lifestyle; a business to be proud of.
A 90-day plan for all 5 strategic areas of your business; marketing, sales, operations, cash and talent.
Whether you should Scale or Sell your business (and how to do both!)

What are people saying about Business RESET?

We have a variety of entrepreneurs who attend our events, from graphic designers through to property investors, from coffee shop owners to digital marketers.

We are blessed to have many wonderful testimonials from past attendees. Check out some here on Youtube. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What dates can I attend the Business Accelerator?

The NEXT DATE is Saturday August 12th

2. When & where are the events held?

Stockholm , Sweden 

Venue TBC

3. What makes Deri Llewellyn-Davies an expert in strategy?

As the CEO of Business Growth International, he helps leaders in both FTSE 500 and entrepreneurial companies to take their businesses (and themselves) to the next level.
With over 15 years’ experience of the commercial markets, Deri understands the issues his clients are facing – from funding shortages to management fall-outs, corporate redundancy to bankruptcy.
Deri brings real business experience to the table, a wide and varied perspective across global business. He has risen to European board level in Billion $ corporations, advised in a consulting capacity from governmental bodies to FTSE 100 as well as running 20 of his own companies.
However, the real power in perspective comes from advising over 300 Boards, running workshops for 100’s of multi million pound CEOs and speaking to 1,000’s of entrepreneurs. This brings a real practicality and depth to all the work he does.
By creating the methodology BGI Strategy on a Page he’s empowered SMEs to create self-managing businesses with exponential growth.

4. What will I come away with from the event?

Spend just a day with Deri and:
- He’ll begin the process of getting your entire business strategy on just 1 page of A4.  This means a flexible, online document that you can use to manage your team, assess your progress of targets and even raise finance. We can’t cover all aspects of the page in a single day – it would break you ;-)
- You’ll have a 90-day plan with exactly what you need to do to grow using the 5 key strategies (sales, marketing, operations, finance & talent). 
- You’ll know who & what resources you’ve been missing which are affecting your ability to grow.
- You’ll have a business personality profile assessment, so you can allocate yourself the tasks you are good at and discover talent processes to hire and retain top talent.
- PLUS you’ll get access to the online ‘Purpose Academy’ where you get clarity on whether you are building the RIGHT business for you.  A business that doesn’t trap you, drain you of cash, time and energy and one that you can be proud of!

5. Does the event come with a guarantee?

Register your place today and attend the Business Accelerator.  Absorb every bit of information Deri has to offer.  Get all of your strategic planning done and you’ll be able to grow the RIGHT business for you.
And if by lunchtime you don’t think it was worth every penny you paid – and more – just let us know at the first break & we’ll refund your investment in full. We haven’t had to do so yet, but our promise is always there, so you have nothing to lose!